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Bailey Jay, You Got it Girl!


Hey, it’s your favorite shemale Foxxy here out to congratulate Bailey J for winning Best Transsexual Performer of the year. I’ve been a shemale model for some time now and when Bailey here started her career, I knew for a fact that she’s going to be big. People don’t like it when I say I told you so but it just has to be said – I told you so. This tgirl has both sweetness and spunk to make it big in the adult industry and if you don’t believe me, check out her official site. I have nothing else to say except: Bailey Jay, I would love to work with you!

Foxxy goes mobile

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Hi there! As you know, I love showing everything I have for your dirty wet pleasure. I can’t sit in front of the cam for eternity, because I have so many pleasant thing to do)) But I never miss a chance to take a pic or two with my mobile. I am different every single moment, and as you see, I am always hot. You must be already horny and hard, admit it, you, lustful sex-obsessed freak! I know exactly what you feel because I feel exactly the same. But let us linger a little before I take off every scrap of cloth I have on!

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TS Foxxy meeting Victoria Di Prada

Hi, you naughty wanking boys! I know you have already developed immediate hardon when your eyes traveled south from Victoria’s pretty face straight to her perfect throbbing cock! I know we are jawdropping shemale whores. Watch and enjoy! She is real Heaven to touch and taste. As for me… Well, I have a pretty good idea how to deal with cocks, you know. That is why I did my fucking best to please that shiny perfect tool. You can start being jealous because both of us, Victoria and me, were absolutely exhausted in the end ))


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Hi, guys! This time I played really hard. I made many straight guys like you who are used to shoving their filthy cocks into somebody’s mouth, bend down before my own immaculate love-tool and give it a good long suck! The naïve fellow named Wolfe had now idea how long I can last if I really want it. It was a wonderful game – him sucking his best and me trying to avoid being milked too early. The sucking contest was absolutely fantastic. My shiny cock felt those naughty lips and crazy tongue long after we have finished!

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TS Foxxy approaches TS legend Raquel Fox

Hello, sweet boys and girls! I am happy! I am so fucking Happy-Happy-Happy and thrilled! It looks like my cock will never go down when I get back to those delightful and absolutely mind-blowing hours spent with her MAJESTY Raquel Fox! Every move the dickgirl makes, every naughty look she casts upon you gives you immediate thrill and hardon! I have no idea how she does it but after all those sweet hours we had together I guess I will be able to come a step closer to her! Oh, I am totally in love with this sexy terrorist giving a strong desire to copukate!


Foxxy having fun with Kelly Shore

It’s me again, you dirty suckers! I know you have been looking for my kinky updates. This time I have something spicy stuff for you. This is my story of the most wonderful time I had with Kelly Shore. Oh, this chic naughty dickgirl is a fucking dream come true. The bitch works better than any fucking stimulant when you are with her, believe me! My cock was racing at the speed of light and developed one hardon after another! Is it her sweet smell or the taste of her cock that made me so obsessed? Well, who cares!

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Foxxy and Celeste savor TS pleasures

Hello, my sex-hungry admirers! You will not be disappointed tonight with the private pics of me and tgirl Celeste – one of the hottest dickgirls living and fucking on the planet Earth. When you approach her you suddenly lose control of your own cock. It starts living its own exciting and throbbing life! Feeling the soft touches and tender kisses all over you, all you can think of is serving her hard immaculate cock and worshipping her shapely celestial body! I was not objecting to becoming her slave for a couple of sweet hours! And who would?

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TS Foxxy enjoys her time in LA

Hello, slutty girls and horny boys! Did you miss me? Well, sorry-sorry! But I was busy finding something hot for you to enjoy. And I made a trip to LA! You know, LA is a real paradise for sex freaks like you and me. There are so many shops where you can by absolutely stunning lingerie of all sizes for all purposes! After hours of shopping and furtive wanking in changing rooms (oops!) I have found what I wanted – the innocent looking white silk and transparent lace. Doesn’t it look awesome? I did my best showing off in front of the cam for your dirty pleasure!

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Jolly good time with Holly Sweet

Hello-hello, my sex-obsessed ladies and gentlemen! I am back again with a wonderful set of memories and dozens of dirty pics. Believe it or not, but this time meeting Holly Sweet, this hot sex-machine, was a complete surprise for me. A fucking sweet surprise! Oh, how much I love the naughty gaze of her eyes, sweet large boobs and perfect fuck-holes. Hours spent with her are absolutely special and unforgettable! The way this cute dickgirl with naïve smile makes you absolutely wild and horny before you realize that you ache to possess her is a fucking mystery of the mankind!